Save the Turf, Use the Wheels

The Easiest, Quickest, Safest way for
Anyone to move a Lacrosse Goal!

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Meet the Newest Member of Your Team

You no longer need to call the whole team over to carry lacrosse goals around the field. With just one pair for Three M Tool’s Lacrosse Goal Wheels, a single person can comfortably move a goal over almost any terrain!

Now you can move goals by yourself to get your practice field set up in that quiet time before the team shows up.

Athletic Directors:
Stop worrying about your new turf or pristine game field grass getting torn up when goals get dragging into place.

Developed & Designed with Your Team in Mind

I’ve coached boy’s youth lacrosse for many years and I’m amazed how 8-year-old boys could be so fit and athletic in the game, but 6 of them together struggled to lift and move a goal. And if the team left practice before I asked them to help move the goals, I had to drag the goals by myself. There had to be a better way.

The design of our Lacrosse Goal Wheels are:

  • Easy and intuitive to install
  • Attach securely to any regulation outdoor lacrosse goal (or your money back)
  • Small enough to fit in your coach’s bag
  • Powder coated for durability so they can stay outside all season
  • Hi-Viz yellow to find them in deep grass (before the mower does)

Built for Teams of All Ages

College, high school, and youth teams, boy’s and girl’s teams, anyone can move a lacrosse goal with our Lacrosse Goal Rollers.

Sold and used in pairs, each roller is secured to one of the vertical posts with two large Velcro straps. We've tested our rollers on every type of regulation outdoor lacrosse goal: Flat bar base; Curved tube
base, with nets installed or without. If somehow they don’t attach securely to your goal, we will give you a full refund. The Roller’s 5” wheels roll easily over rough surfaces and inclines. In use, most of the goal’s weight is balanced over the wheels so you are just guiding and steering. You can either push or pull the goal, from either the back point or the horizontal crossbar.

Your team needs these!

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